Lower-back Pain and Sciatica Workshop

Attention Severe Back Pain Sufferers, Free Event For You

Get Back to Normal Naturally Without Medications, Injections or Surgery.

Reveals How to Naturally Heal Back Pain For Good.


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Go to the Lower Back Pain Workshop and Learn:

  • The Biggest Mistake Low Back Pain Sufferers Make
  • The Three Most Common Causes For Low Back Pain
  • Three Strategies to Reduce Back Pain

Who​ is​ the​ Workshop​ For?

The​ Low Back Pain Workshop​ is​ for​ people​ suffering​ with​ low back pain​ who​ are​ looking​ to​ feel normal​ again​ and​ heal​ naturally​ without​ medications,​ injections​ and​ surgery.

Do​ you​ have​ back ​pain​ when​ you:

  • Sit for long periods of time?
  • Drive?
  • Stand?
  • Walk?
  • Get dressed?
  • Sleep?
  • Do​ work​ around​ the​ house​ or​ yard?
  • Lift​ something​ heavy?

If​ you​ do​ AND​ you’re​ looking​ for​ Natural,​ Non-Invasive​ Treatment,​ then​ Save​ Your​ Spot​ for​ the Back Pain​ Workshop​ by​ filling​ in​ your​ name​ and​ information.

***Because​ ​of​ space​ limitations,​ the​ Back PainWorkshop​ is​ limited​ to​ the​ first​ 20 Registrants…

How Much Is It to Attend? FREE

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Looking forward to seeing you there,

Bryan Lawson,
Doctor of Physical Therapy and Owner
High Desert Physical Therapy

PS – This event is limited to the first 20 people to register. When you register, you can bring a guest at no additional cost, just let us know so we can save them a seat too (we do this because many people request to bring their spouse or other family member).

Date: 17 Feb 2021 Time: 7:00 Address: 820 W. Chubbuck Rd. Chubbuck, Idaho Register