Work Injuries

Work injuries are common among many industries, although some jobs are certainly more likely to result in injuries than others. But no matter how seemingly safe and relaxed a job may be, there are still ways that you can sustain an injury. From strains caused by heavy lifting to repetitive motion injuries in the office, every job presents certain risks that must be dealt with. If you have been injured at work, we encourage you to contact High Desert Osteopractic Physical Therapy to learn more about your options for physical therapy. Our physical therapist can help you heal and return to work as quickly as possible.

Understanding Work Injuries

Life is full of ways to get injured. The human body is often fragile and the world is comprised of one risk after another. Work, though, presents unique opportunities to sustain an injury. You spend a lot of time at work, probably doing the same things many times per day. Work often demands that you accomplish tasks quickly to meet deadlines, which can make even relatively safe activities more hazardous. When you combine too many repetitive motions with hectic schedules and the desire to prove yourself, it is a recipe for injury.

There are many ways that people get injured at work. Some of the most common include:
  • Back Pain
    Back pain is quite common among those seeking physical therapy for work injuries. Lower back pain is probably the most cited type of back pain, although back pain can certainly occur in the middle or the upper back as well. Perhaps the most frustrating thing about back pain caused by work is that it can result from so many different activities — from lifting heavy objects improperly to just sitting all day at your desk.
  • Tendinitis
    Repetitive motion is a major contributor to workplace injuries, and tendinitis is one of the leading types of repetitive motion injuries. Doing something over and over, from typing to ladling soup, has the potential to irritate tendons and cause them to become inflamed. Tendinitis can be helped by physical therapy, which is why it is so important to seek treatment now rather than wait for it to get worse.
  • Automobile Accidents
    Driving for work tends to mean spending a lot of time behind the wheel. The more time in the driver’s seat, the greater the risk of being involved in an accident. Car and truck accidents can be devastating to the human body, so it is no wonder that people involved in such accidents often wind up with serious injuries. Things like whiplash and joint injuries can be treated through physical therapy which helps reduce pain and inflammation and aid in healing.
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
    Carpal tunnel happens when the median nerve that runs through your wrist is compressed. Everyone that uses their hands at work runs the risk of carpal tunnel, ranging from office workers to factory workers and everyone in between. Fortunately, carpal tunnel is often treated effectively using physical therapy.

What Physical Therapy Does for Work Injuries

Physical therapy is the preferred treatment option for workplace injuries for a variety of reasons. Not only is it effective at helping injuries to heal, but Chubbuck physical therapy also goes further to teach you how to avoid similar injuries in the future through healthy movement patterns. It can take some time to train yourself how to do your job without causing injury, but once you have the patterns down, you can work with much more confidence because you know you are less likely to get hurt while earning a living.

Physical therapy includes exercises to make you stronger and more mobile, while also examining the way you work to improve your habits. For most workplace injuries, there is no treatment better suited for healing and long-term health.

Help With Your Work Injuries

We know how hard it can be to work when you are hurt. We want you to know that our physical therapists are here to help. Please contact High Desert Osteopractic Physical Therapy to schedule an appointment with a Chubbuck physical therapist that can help you recover from your injuries. We are excited to help you get relief!

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