High Desert Physical Therapy, Pocatello, ID

Our Practice

One-on-one professional service. All day. Every day.

Although our Pocatello physical therapy clinic treats patients within the large span of ailments and issues that a normal clinic offers, we also offer more. With specialized training and equipment, we are prepared to aid and assist those who also suffer from balance, vestibular, and concussion issues. We have a bi-lingual therapist, who also recognizes the importance of patient retention. He takes time to explain, educate, and coach his patients so they understand the importance of completing a tailor-made health-care regimen.


We believe that in promoting the healing process of an individual, our facility must be clean, our employees must be compassionate, and a licensed Physical Therapy professional should always be with every patient. With this team, we have the ability to reduce your pain and create an optimistic quality of life for you.


The mission of High Desert Physical Therapy is to help you reach and maintain the maximum potential for your individual physical needs and abilities.