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"Everyone is awesome, patient, hilarious, and fun! What a great group of professional individuals to work with! "
Aug 10, 2022
"After my knee injury I was nervous because I had gotten told so many different things from different providers. After talking with Brandi and high desert she really helped me understand that I would be able to get back to my normal life and do the things I enjoyed. The team at high desert has been so wonderful and they have helped me so much. "
Jul 26, 2022
"My knees were popping and locking and feeling weak whenever I went walking, but I didn’t know why. I am so thankful that Dr. Brandi Allerdings at High Desert Physical Therapy determined that my knees were weak because all the muscles in my lower body were weak. No one had made that determination before. I feel so much better after completing eight weeks of physical therapy and doing exercises at home. I will continue the exercises at home and begin strength training in the future. Thank you Brandi and Kellie for making my physical therapy at High Desert Physical Therapy an enjoyable experience! "
Jul 05, 2022
"If I could give 100 stars it still wouldn't be enough! These guys are amazing! Very friendly & focused directly on you. I would recommend these guys to anyone having any kind of body pain. If I could go every day, I would. "
Jun 21, 2022
"They are all great! Best healers in town! I went for 6 weeks a few years ago and my back is still wonderful! Thank you very much ! I’ll come back if I ever need help again!"
Jun 17, 2022
"Jared listened to me as I listened to my body during rehab for a torn rotator cuff. The term “Physical Therapy” is an umbrella under which ALL the facets of the human condition are addressed to resolve your issue and with an arsenal of treatment modalities unrivaled by any other PT clinic and administered with such precision my recovery goal is becoming a success story. Stay around for the ending… will be spectacular! "
Mar 04, 2022
"This is my second time to High Desert Physical Therapy. The first time they helped me with my vertigo so I went back when I had shoulder problems. They are thorough, knowledgeable and caring. The facility is roomy and good equipment. I would definitely recommend to anyone"
Feb 27, 2022
"After a work related shoulder injury completely caught me off guard. I found it difficult and painful to do even the simplest of tasks. I was advised by medical professionals that I was likely looking at surgery. The unsettling reality of the situation and possibility that I may need to look at a sudden change in employment started to sink in as well. Thankfully, the staff at High Desert Physical Therapy were able to formulate a foundational plan of therapy and treatment, that would ultimately render surgery, unnecessary. I am elated beyond measure, that I have not only dodged the surgery bullet, but have a full range of motion, full recovery of strength, and am completely pain free! Their skill, techniques, and equipment are second to none. And with an elevated level of professionalism that ranges from healthy healing humor to the gritty grime of unpleasantries. I would fully and completely recommend their exceptional excellence to any and all, that find themselves lacking and deficient, in the realms of the physical. And one last recommendation, make sure you spend some time with Gus. Your heart will thank you! ? "
Feb 07, 2022
"The pain in my hip was getting out of control. I was struggling to sleep and do my job. I was going to a chiropractor once a week just to get by when I was referred to High Desert. Physical therapy wasn't something I thought would do any good. But I was wrong. Not only is my pain almost non-existent but the routines and exercises are something I can do on my own now & long term. I love that the people there are friendly and fun to interact with. Ots been a great experience. "
Feb 07, 2022
"Professional. Productive. Effective. Prior to coming to High Desert for physical therapy, I had somehow acquired severe adhesive capsulitis (frozen shoulder) which severely limited my range of motion and was extremely painful, and required surgery. Working with Brandi, I now have almost full range of motion and no pain. "
Feb 04, 2022
"I experienced permanent damage to my vestibular nerve which caused debilitating dizziness, nausea and vomiting and vision changes. After 2 weeks and several tests later, I was referred to Dr. Jared Pugmire and promised by my Dr. that he could help me. I had no ability to function with such horrible dizziness and was barely able to do the most basic tasks, so when I went to High Desert Therapy and met Jared, who allowed me to grab onto his arm as he escorted me to his desk. I was vulnerable and scared but hopeful. He took the time to explain what was going on and promised that I would get my life back. He explained that we were going to re-train my brain, (which was a bit scary since I am 67 and am not the sharpest knife in drawer anymore) and I would eventually be able to walk normally, the dizziness would leave and my ability to balance would return. And slowly this has happened. It has been frustratingly slow because I am not a patient patient, but Jared's knowledge, encouragement and his continued therapy in vision, balance, walking is bringing back my confidence and has allowed my life a sense of normalcy I thought I had lost. I truly appreciate his encouragement, his self confidence and his knowledge and skill. And I have enjoyed his sense of humor that lightens my stress level when I didn't feel well. Thank you Jared. You have kept your promise!"
Dec 08, 2021
" I worked with Brandy for several weeks and also had a couple of sessions with Maddy. I feel both people we’re very competent, and felt very good about my sessions. The sessions made my shoulders relax and with less pain. I have learned to spend time working on my shoulders. I would like to thank you , maddy, and brandy for the time and expertise. I will recommend your therapy company to anybody that asks. Again thank you very much."
Nov 29, 2021
"I originally went for a Rotator Cuff Seminar which was very informative and found that wasn't my problem at all. Just a few sessions in and I'm doing great! The atmosphere is very friendly and I love that Gus wanders around freely, I'm a dog lover and this relaxes me! Jared and Brandi are the two I've worked with and they are amazing! Highly recommend and they are not Physical Terrorists! "
Nov 23, 2021
"Brandi is an amazing physical therapist! I threw my back out trying to put my pants on i came in a couple times and she worked her magic and has me feeling like a million bucks! Ask for brandi she will take care of you! and jared is only partial ok too lol "
Oct 15, 2021
"I love going to physical therapy! Jared & Penny take such good care of me. They are watchful & encouraging throughout my sessions. All of the staff are courteous and professional to everyone. The atmosphere is always pleasant and positive. Gus, the therapy dog, is an added bonus to my visits! I appreciate the knowledge and skills that Jared & Penny use to help me increase my mobility and strengthen my muscles."
Oct 14, 2021
"I have to say I miss these guys. They always took good care of my family and me both. I went in with so much back pain and came out with so much relief. They were always professional, they always had a smile. They took care of my aches and pains and always inquired about where I hurt. They did not guess. I feel so appreciative of everything they did for me/us. I miss you guys! Thank you for everything!"
Sep 09, 2021
"Great physical therapy!"
May 23, 2021

I was extremely impressed with High Desert Physical Therapy. Staff is great, very friendly & Jared is totally righteous. On my first visit, I felt very comfortable and the environment made me feel welcomed and relaxed. I do look forward to my visits every week. My knee definitely feels less painful, I'm able to do a lot more than I was before physical therapy. I will definitely be recommending High Desert to any family & friends.

Dr. Jared worked on my tennis elbow. I couldn't even shake someone's hand correctly without being in an immense about of pain. With just a couple of visits, I am back to using my arm without any issues. He is very knowledgeable and truly wants to help people. With Dr. Jared, your health comes first and I refer everyone I can to him.

I have had back pain for five years and been to many other physical therapists and I thought I was unable to be fixed. But, on the first visit, he made me feel the best I have ever been. He is absolutely amazing and I recommend everyone I know to him.

Jared is the best. I dreaded the idea of therapy, but Jared has made it actually enjoyable to go to therapy.

I look forward to PT every Tuesday and Thursday. High Desert is so fun. The people are all so kind and fun. They laugh, joke and mess around all while getting the job done. Although I was only here for 4 weeks, I can already feel the progress. I can move ways I never could before, I hurt less. I am very glad that this is where I chose to do physical therapy.

I have had therapy before and hated going felt like it was a waste of time. Got an injection in my elbow by sports clinic who said the pain would never come back boy that was wrong. The tennis elbow was even more painful but then Jared worked on it twice a week now I can go almost two weeks without screaming pain and I’m sleeping and lifting weights again. He has a sense of humor that if you're not laughing by the time you leave then you're not enjoying therapy. He involves everyone including is wonderful staff and his little kids are adorable.

Jared and his staff are warm and welcoming. Jared never dismisses your concerns but goes the extra mile to solve them. The atmosphere is always friendly and positive. I feel better leaving than when I came in. I would recommend High Desert Physical Therapy to anyone. I believe that Jared and his family are an asset to our community.

Jared has been my one and only therapist and I don’t need to find another! I’ve never needed PT before and to be honest I was kind of skeptical of it. Jared has made going to PT something to look forward to. I feel 100% better every time I get done. He is very knowledgeable, funny and professional! I love the atmosphere at High Desert and the staff. I would recommend Jared to anyone that is looking for an overall excellent experience from the therapist to the exercises he does with you.

Jared is a physical therapist that I would recommend to my patients.

Jared and his staff are great. Our primary care office frequently refers patients to his office for physical therapy with fantastic results. I had heard so many good things from patients and other staff about their services, I went there myself for a knee problem. Jared was very helpful in explaining my problem, rehabilitating my knee, and getting me back to running. From a professional and personal standpoint, I would recommend him without hesitation!! Thank you, Jared and your staff!!

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