Patient Testimonials

  • I was ready to have a surgeon check out my shoulder and had an appointment scheduled the day after the free PT workshop. I canceled my appointment and set up sessions of PT. Feels great now. Thanks.

    Chris B.

  • I can’t believe how wonderful I feel. Bryan has given me back my pain-free active life. Bryan and Jared are wonderful! Debbie and Tonya are wonderful office help too! Thank you! Thank you! 

    Linda A.

  • I had a great experience here at High Desert PT. Dry needling therapy gave me relief from my lower back pain. Brock and the staff at High Desert truly care about healing! Thank you for your efforts!!

    Valerie W.

  • Jared and his staff are great. Our primary care office frequently refers patients to his office for physical therapy with fantastic results. I had heard so many good things from patients and other staff about their services, I went there myself for a knee problem. Jared was very helpful in explaining my problem, rehabilitating my knee, and getting me back to running. From a professional and personal standpoint, I would recommend him without hesitation!! Thank you, Jared and your staff!!

    Valerie L.

  • Jared is a physical therapist that I would recommend to my patients.

    Krista K.

  • Jared has been my one and only therapist and I don’t need to find another! I’ve never needed PT before and to be honest I was kind of skeptical of it. Jared has made going to PT something to look forward to. I feel 100% better every time I get done. He is very knowledgeable, funny and professional! I love the atmosphere at High Desert and the staff. I would recommend Jared to anyone that is looking for an overall excellent experience from the therapist to the exercises he does with you.

    Rachel P.

  • Jared and his staff are warm and welcoming. Jared never dismisses your concerns but goes the extra mile to solve them. The atmosphere is always friendly and positive. I feel better leaving than when I came in. I would recommend High Desert Physical Therapy to anyone. I believe that Jared and his family are an asset to our community.

    Alice P.

  • “Bryan has been my primary therapist at High Desert Physical Therapy, and he has been awesome! He is knowledgeable about the anatomy and mechanics of the body. He is quick to address pain by adjusting my posture. He is attentive during my physical exercises, making sure my form is correct. I am now pain-free, so this feels less like a clinical visit, and more of a fun hour.”

    Jennifer B.

  • I have had therapy before and hated going felt like it was a waste of time. Got an injection in my elbow by sports clinic who said the pain would never come back boy that was wrong. The tennis elbow was even more painful but then Jared worked on it twice a week now I can go almost two weeks without screaming pain and I’m sleeping and lifting weights again. He has a sense of humor that if you’re not laughing by the time you leave then you’re not enjoying therapy. He involves everyone including is wonderful staff and his little kids are adorable.

    Tanya H.

  • I look forward to PT every Tuesday and Thursday. High Desert is so fun. The people are all so kind and fun. They laugh, joke and mess around all while getting the job done. Although I was only here for 4 weeks, I can already feel the progress. I can move ways I never could before, I hurt less. I am very glad that this is where I chose to do physical therapy. 

    Nahita Y.

  • Jared is the best. I dreaded the idea of therapy, but Jared has made it actually enjoyable to go to therapy.

    Patricia O.

  • I have had back pain for five years and been to many other physical therapists and I thought I was unable to be fixed. But, on the first visit, he made me feel the best I have ever been. He is absolutely amazing and I recommend everyone I know to him.

    Justin C.

  • I had an excellent experience here at High Desert. I couldn’t raise my left arm by itself. I didn’t know who I should see first- a medical doctor or physical therapist. Their open class gave me knowledge of what I needed to do. I’ve been very impressed, and have full movement of my arm back. Thanks Bryan! You’re the best.

    Yvette M.

  • Dr. Jared worked on my tennis elbow. I couldn’t even shake someone’s hand correctly without being in an immense about of pain. With just a couple of visits, I am back to using my arm without any issues. He is very knowledgeable and truly wants to help people. With Dr. Jared, your health comes first and I refer everyone I can to him.

    Dean G.

  • I was extremely impressed with High Desert Physical Therapy. Staff is great, very friendly & Jared is totally righteous. On my first visit, I felt very comfortable and the environment made me feel welcomed and relaxed. I do look forward to my visits every week. My knee definitely feels less painful, I’m able to do a lot more than I was before physical therapy. I will definitely be recommending High Desert to any family & friends.

    Aurelia F.

  • I came to physical therapy with a herniated disc and bulging disc in my lower back. I went from walking five miles a day to ¾ of a mile the last of which I had to drag my right leg. After a few weeks of physical therapy Bryan and Penny had me walking two miles with little pain. After six weeks I was able to walk four miles without pain and without stopping. Bryan and Penny really motivated me to work hard. Really great experience! 

    Lee E.